RecycLab – a recycling, reusing and eco-building platform

This unit aims to:

  • Recycle and reuse objects and waste at the source by inventing new uses, as well as using recycled objects as raw material for green building projects,
  • Achieve environmental improvements through eco-construction techniques (locally recycled materials, renewable energy, etc.) to develop a social, sustainable economy in Colombes.
  • Initiate the spread of new urban, eco-friendly, practices such as reducing, repairing and reusing waste through educational activities and workshops.
  • Reduce energy consumption for building operations on the entire project.

The unit consists of a series of elements:

  • space for collecting and depositing
  • recycle and reuse workshops
  • fabrication workshops and assembly of elements for green building (vertical gardens, insulating panels, etc..).
  • educational workshop sessions in DIY and for repair and reuse.
  • platform to host local events (recycling fairs, festivals, flea markets materials, presentations, etc..)
  • LabFab – offering advanced technology accessible to everyone

The construction of RecycLab begins in 2012. Those interested in participating, please follow the News section or use Contact section on the homepage.