The implementation of the strategy R-Urban is accompanied by action research projects.

More particularly, aaa is conducting research funded by the Department of Ecology in close link with the implementation of the strategy in Colombes, to question, analyze and guide the implementation of significant process for the whole strategy: the involvement of local economic dynamics, the ‘écolomiques’ created dynamics, eco-benefit of short circuits, the transferability of the approach at different scales, etc..
A monitoring team will ensure the establishment of a database and updated regularly on all the processes in place: mechanisms, temporality, partners, results, conflicts, deadlocks, contradictions, steps, etc.. A joint publication and a symposium are planned at the end of the research project.

The research activity will continue with the implementation in the medium term of a residence and research in the longer term, a research center on civic resilience.

The research team:
Constantine Petcou – architect / semiotician, project manager, aaa
Doina Petrescu – architect, Professor University of Sheffield, aaa
Stéphane Tonnelat – urban planner, researcher CNRS
Anne Querrien – sociologist and urban planner, aaa

Research Associates:
Kathrin Bohn – architect,  Professor TU Berlin, urban agriculture specialist, London
Kathrin Bohm – artist, co-fonder of public works and, specialist in local production and trade, London
Katherine Gibson – economist and geographer, Professor at Centre for Citizenship & Public Policy, Sydney
Fernando Garcia Dory – environmental artist, Madrid
Mathias Heyden – architect activist ISPARA, Assistant Professor TU Berlin
Fionn Stevenson – architect, Professor of Sustainability, University of Sheffield
Rotor – architects, specialists in recycling, Brussels