The EcoHab unit is composed of seven houses mixing social housing, first steps to homeownership and artist residences, as well as those for students and researchers. EcoHab will be experimental in nature and construction will involve self-construction and on-site workshops. Halfway between co-housing and cooperative, the purpose of this residential unit is to:

  • Experiment with settlement patterns and ecological life (including shared services areas, water recycling, intensive orchards, renewable energy, etc..).
  • Manage natural resources in an efficient and accessible manner, establishing a model applicable to other homes in the effort to reduce domestic consumption.
  • Build an archive of knowledge and know-how around urban ecology, and, in the medium term, create a place to share practices of resiliency.

Construction will begin in 2013 and will be designed with residents during 2012. Those interested to participate, please follow the News section or write to the Contact section.