AgroCité is designed to introduce and support the dynamics of urban agriculture and provide support for the cultural and educational activities related to the R-URBAN project, currently emerging in the city of Colombes. The unit consists of three parts:

  • an area for activities related to nature and agriculture
  • an area for community gardening
  • an ‘AgroLab’ specialising in experimenting with intensive organic agricultural production

All three areas are made up of cultivable land and will include:

  •  an experimental urban agricultural farm
  • a shared garden for residents of the neighbourhood
  • an educational garden
  • a shared greenhouse for plants and seedlings, equipment for collecting rainwater, phytopurification, solar energy and biogas, aquaponics crops, agricultural short circuits, etc.

The buildings will include prototypes of organic intensive farming and a range of equipment and know-how covering:

  •  a seed library
  • a vegetable market and local agricultural products
  • collective Café and cooking facility
  • a collective bread oven

The construction of AgroCité begins in 2012. Those interested in participating, please follow the News section or use Contact section on the homepage.