Construction of a bread and pizza oven at the Agrocité of Bagneux

A great moment of suspense Wednesday, August 1 during the ultimate test: the removal of the soil that held until then the vault of the bread and pizza oven! The month of participatory construction has proved itself: the dome of the oven is absolutely solid!

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Construction of a pergola at the agrocité of Bagneux

Construction of the pergola, retrospective! 100% re-used wood, elbow grease, some bean seeds that will provide shade under the pergola! We started with a lot of motivation and now already two sessions of pallet workshops have occurred! While waiting for the luxuriant vegetation and the planting of the vine, a sewing workshop to make patchwork canvases will allow us to shade the pergola a little this summer!

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Visit to the Agrocité of Gennevilliers by students of l’école d’Architecture de Paris La Villette

Wednesday, June 13, we hosted the course “Spaces and public facilities”, in urban sociology by Jodelle ZETLAOUI-LEGER, professor at the School of Architecture of Paris La Villette. Welcome to the 70 students interested in the co-construction and co-management processes set up at the Agrocité. It was an experience that made participation issues more concrete, and illustrated the role architects can play and how they can deploy their skills here.35272146_2038787732817731_9132895484157886464_o 35299896_2038787506151087_342875661670547456_o

Le Tour Alternatiba at the Agrocité of Bagneux

Le Tour Alternatiba stopped at the Agrocité of Bagneux on Friday 08 June! Inhabitants, associations, elected officials and cyclists were present to celebrate this event. On the program: associative stands on ecological and social initiatives, projection and debates, bicycle repair workshop, concert and multiple exchanges on common themes!

A big thank you to CRACBagneux EnvironnementMairie de Bagneux et Alternatives ValléedelaBièvre for their participation and help!

We are looking forward to welcome you at the Agrocité for the next activities and events!

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Opening of Agrocite at Genneviliers

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The construction work of the Agrocité at Gennevilliers is progressing well


The construction work of the Agrocité at Gennevielliers is progressing well!

The facade is finished now and the interior starts to come alive!








Students from Sheffield visit the Agrocité


The 7th of February we had the pleasure to welcome visitors from the School of Architecture of Sheffield.

The students of Design studio ‘Anthropocenes’ had the possibility to visit the construction site of the Agrocité in Gennevilliers covered in snow.




Construction of a dry-stone wall at the Agrocité


Despite of the cold weather, we kept on working at the construction site of the Agrocité in Agnettes!
Last wednesday we built a dry-stone wall consisting out of reused stones which we had collected from different construction sites in the surrounding area.






Reconstruction of the Agrocité in Gennevilliers is in full swing!

The reconstruction of the Agrocité in Gennevilliers is ongoing. Rialland Carpenter entreprise already stood up the structure on its stakes, installed the floorboards, posts and beams and even one part of the roofing! We received the straw bales that will serve for the insulation and many curious inhabitants are stopping by to ask if there’ll be some animals. Yes! Hens!

Friday Novembre 3rd took place the first permaculture atelier on Gennevilliers site with Catherine Tran who taught us a lot. We planted on the part reserved for the future individual and collective patches; avocado tree, rosemary hedges, portuguese cabbage, and even an pineapple plant.

Friday December 1st we inaugurated the construction site with inhabitants from the neighborhood and other cities, representatives of Gennevilliers city hall and from the different entreprises working on site. This reunion gave us the opportunity to explain the Agrocité’s principles and activities to newcomers.

Many new ideas and initiatives gathered again around the construction, which strongly motives us!