On Saturday 26th of October, there was a visit to the Recyclab, an R-Urban unit built in 2012 at the same time as the Agrocité de Colombes and which, since 2017, has been living again on the site of the temporary occupation “Vive les Groues” in Nanterre, managed by the association Yes We Camp.
Built in 2012 along the Boulevard d’Archères in Colombes, the Recyclab is a unit dedicated to recycling and reusing waste on a local scale, as well as developing eco-construction and sharing know-how. In 2017, the building is forced to leave the commune of Colombes and is therefore bequeathed to Yes We Camp.
Built from wooden containers and modules, it could be dismantled and reassembled in October 2017 on the Groues site in Nanterre. Since 2017, Yes We Camp has been developing a temporary occupation for 8 years with the aim of setting up local partnerships and supporting the transformation of this neighborhood.
Thank you to Yes We Camp for welcoming us!



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