Coordinating beneficiary of LIFE + program
AAA are a multidisciplinary platform of exploration, policy and research on urban ecology and urban citizenry practices. The axes of the AAA practice involve: participation, environmental governance, self-management, urban ecology and urban solidarity.

Associated beneficiary of LIFE + program
The city of Colombes are involved in R-Urban and are beneficiaries of the projects outcomes, such as those arising from social economies, sustainabile development, environmental town planning, cultural and community life, social cohesion …

Associated beneficiary of LIFE + program
Public Works is an art and architecture collective based in London (UK), recognised for their experience developing participatory strategies for the production of collective public spaces.

Conseil général des Hauts de Seine & Conseil Régional IDF
Conseil général des Hauts de Seine & Conseil Régional IDF have been engaged with R-Urban since 2010, in favor of the social and solidarity economy. For their work, the RecycLab R- Urban project won the 2011 axis for “providing solutions through projects of social initiatives, when existing economic models would not allow”. In other words, for providing suitable structures adapted to meet the needs not covered by the commercial sector, specifically those based around the constraints of urban ecology in lower socio-economic neighborhoods.