Research in Residence: Cora Baibarac, June-July 2016

Cora Baibarac is Marie Curie Research Fellow at the University of Sheffield.  Together with Prof. Doina Petrescu , she is carring out a research project called EcoDA (Experimental co-Design Approaches: Investigating possibilities for creating networks of resilient citizens and civic actions of urban resilience through hybrid platforms)
The overarching aim of this research project is to create an open-source platform for enhancing urban resilience. Specifically, the project involves the prototyping of open-source digital tools and processes for shared knowledge production that can enable civic practices of resilience to emerge and multiply.  Cora is researcher in Residence with R-Urban to co-design and prototype with the participants in the project tools for the open-source platform.

About EcoDA


DANCER IN RESIDENCE: Lena Massiani, April-June 2016

affiche Lena

Lena Massiani is choreographer to the company in situ. Dancer and professor at the Ecole Speciale d’Architecture and PhD in Études et Pratiques des Arts. Her residency at Agrocite conducted to new research. She was working on the link between the human body and the urban territory. Through dance she tries to raise awareness amongst participants on this link in order to reveal new city space. She tries to forge new ways of seeing in a different way the daily places by observing them, feeling them and bringing them a new dimension.

She aims for a full immersion in the urban space and understanding of the existing equations, divisions, inequalities and relations.

lena dance 2lena danse

RESEARCH IN RESIDENCE : Gabriel Wulff- july-november 2015

Gabriel Wullf is Researcher at the University of Brigton. He is carring out research on Collective Gardening Initiatives: Space, Materials and Agency? At Agrocite, he worked on a serie of subjective maps with the inhabitants and the gardeners.


DESIGNER IN RESIDENCE: Julie Brugier, April-October 2015


Julie Brugier’s work focuses on the valorisation of different ways of producing through an ecological approach. She adds as such social and environmental value to natural materials that will be less transformed. This collaboration with Recyclab, consists in recycling objects and waste and converting them to ecological materials for construction. During this collaboration, Julie worked on the conception of object and furniture. These objects became models for future recycling and repair workshops at Recyclab.


Designer in residence: Daniella Dossi Prod-Actions, Sept 2013 – 2014




Screen Shot 2016-06-10 at 18.32.48

Proactive instruction-based open shop model, The pilot project sought to begin a process of experimentation and prod-action,  mobilising different actors in the local area to participate in collective, practices of flexible,  small-scale production for the creation of new product eco-systems. Prod-action can be understood as a proactive instruction-, based shop model for an open peer-to-peer community shop where retailing becomes a new active space to collect recycled materials, cultivate interests,  create knowledge and exchange skills. The groups use the common spaciality of Agrocité as a collective workshop where they, can informally experiment together starting from diverse backgrounds to then develop instruction and DIY kits including cooking,  baking,  textiles, repairing ,  gardening,  etc. in order to share and disseminate further knowledge and actions through a common system.

By working with the available found resources within the community,  the production process attempts to strengthen the internal fabric of the local, urban setting as actors begin to see their community as host to a multiplicity of diverse assets ; including alternative sources for materials,  manual, skills,  local economic circuits, as well as the less visible assets of knowledge,  culture,  passion and practices of care., In this sense,  the pilot project can be seen to be paving the way for more resilient communities,  through enrolling a pro-active involvement of its, inhabitants,  facilitating cooperation and participation,  creating new cycles of interests,  knowledge and prod-action,  as well as stimulating consciousness, with new economic and ecological practices.

Daniela_Trade Show

Download .:Prod-Actions

DESIGNER IN RESIDENCE: SIN, September-october 2013

SIN is an Italian group of designers and architects. During their residency, they developed a vertical garden system from recycled wood and standard pallets.

SIN premiere page

Sin photo

DESIGNER IN RESIDENCE: Elodie Cardinaud, Mathilde Chevallier and Aude Messager, July 2013

Work in progress 2

The designers Elodie Cardinaud, Mathilde Chevallier et Aude Messager, won the call for residency at Recyclab and started their work in July. Their objectives were to imagine prototypes of products that can be developed at recyclab and agrocite. They began with visits at agrocite where they spoke with people, gardeners and the aaa team to share their ideas. Chicken coop, nest box, insect “house”, vegetable garden…After collecting these ideas, they imagined a basic product whose parts can be easly assembled together to create as many objects as ideas collected.

The basic wooden module could be fabricated at Recyclab in three different lenghs and include other materials. Everyone could than create his/her dream product.

Gardener in residence: Pierre Junod, 21-25 september 2014

Pierre junod, is a gardener from la Creuze, who was in residence to work and exchange with the gardening group of the Agrocite, He weeded the garden, planted winter vegetables (radish and winter laituce), fed the ground with fertilizer to prepare the next autumn, winter and spring. He shared, his knowledge with people on an everyday basis and also during a specialist workshop.