R-Urban receives the European Prize of Innovation in Politics – category Ecology


R-Urban strategy has been voted by 1022 European citizens to receive the European Price of Innovation in Politics in the category Ecology among 700 projects nominated by an experts collective. The Prize was awarded on December 6th, 2017 within the framework of a Gala organized in the great Hall of Vienna’s city hall.


R-Urban is a grassroots movement for ecological transition. It proposes to enhance the local capacity of urban resilience by building networks of hubs that valorise local resources and support alternative models of living, producing and consuming. R-Urban provides tools, training and resources to facilitate citizen collaborations. More than an environmental and social innovation project, it is a political project. Indeed it proposes an innovative model of civic resilience involving citizens, organisations and municipalities and scaling it from neighbourhood to further levels

Since 2011, R-Urban initiated a series of Transition hubs in partnership with municipalities and local actors of several town in the region of Ile-de-France: Colombes (until 2015), Gennevilliers and Bagneux. Simultaneously, another R-Urban hub was developed by Public Works in London. Other partnerships in France and Europe are in progress actually.

R-Urban received several prestigious international awards (Zumtobel, EIB Social Innovation) and was laureate of the 100 projects for the Climate supported by the COP21 and the French Ministry of Ecology.

This new distinction honours us but, at the same time, recalls us that the global crisis is still here, without any real solution, and that more time passes, more we’ll not be able to stop anymore irreversible changes.

We are working with R-Urban network to multiply the dynamics of ecologic citizen transition and we call on politicians and  decision-makers, institutions and medias to support us with this collective undertaking, to preserve a livable planet and a democratic society.